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Welcome to the website which is dedicated to the Interactive Buddy Flash Game Series. Here you are able to play Interactive Buddy 1,2,3 and other funny flash games that you will definitely enjoy.
Interactive Buddy is a unique flash game that you have never played before. In this game you will interact with a strange guy on the screen. Every time you do something wild, more money is added to your account. You can buy weapons, some other stuff, skins to have fun with your new buddy

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Interactive buddy is a fun single player game where players can play with their buddy on their computers. The main purpose of this game is for players to interact with the little person that appears on the screen. A player will earn some money when he or she interacts with the buddy in any way. This money can be used to buy weapons, new mode of game and new skins. The more a player interacts with the buddy the happier it gets. This helps players make more money from the happy buddy.

When playing interactive buddy, you will find there are different menus which include modes menu, skins menu, help menu, settings menu and items menu. There are specific actions and settings in these menus that guide players throughout the game. Players can make their buddies any person they like. For instance one can make his buddy be George Bush or any other famous person. Different tools are available for use such as balls, guns, medieval flail or fist. There are other powers that can be used to make the buddy float such as the gravity vortex.

While interacting with the buddy in any way you can, it will show its mood or distaste. In some cases, it may pass out from all the interaction. Interactive buddy is a really interesting and fun game which you just have to try out.
Interactive buddy can be played by anyone be it an adult, teen or a kid. This game allows all users to have fun with their friends. It is one of a kind and completely innovative as it has unique features. When you play the game for the first time, you will realize it is absolutely unique and interesting. You can tell your friends about the game so that you get to have fun together and win some money in the game.

Interactive Buddy, 8.9 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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